A rather chilly Sew Over It ‘Vintage’ box-pleat skirt

I’ve rather admired this skirt from the Sew Over It Vintage book for a while now, and thought that the shape might suit my figure. After buying the book I was particularly intrigued/nervous to find out that the pattern requires self-draughting. So I invested in some cross and dot paper, and a pattern master and took the plunge

As it turned out I was worried about nothing. There were some moments when I struggled to get my head around some of the language in the book – and some of the instructions were a little confusing but after reading it a couple of times it was pretty straight forward



After draughting the pattern, I chose a really fun crepe from The Splendid Stitch, which had a botanical leaf print and a good drape. The skirt itself went together pretty quickly, and was finished in a day (although arguably if I wasn’t distracted by The Crown on Netflix it probably would have been quicker). As the pattern was draughted from my measurements it fitted really well and didn’t need any alterations – although next time I might re-measure my waist with a top on as it’s a little snug when wearing a layer.

The only minor problem I encountered was finishing the fastening. The invisible zip (my first ever!) finished underneath the waistband, but the pattern left no indication as to fasten it – I used hooks and eyes which seemed to work well. Also rather than topstitch the hem,  I opted for the blind hemming setting on my fancy new machine… All in all, a great pattern, and I will definitely make it again.

The biggest problem is that the skirt is obviously intended for warmer weather, and it is bloody freezing in Edinburgh at the moment!



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